Work with Me

I love words. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. I love reading them. I love writing them. I love editing them. I love the power that words hold.

And I’d love to work with words with you.

With a BA in English and experience as both a writer and an editor, mostly in the marketing realm, you can trust me to get your brand’s message across.

You want to build your business’s credibility. You want to grow your reach. You want your content to engage your audience, which will then convert them into customers. If that’s not happening right now, don’t worry.

I help like-minded, ethical brands and businesses thrive in a content-driven world.

So…what can I do for you? It’s simple – I write + edit:

  • Copy for web + print
  • Blogs + articles
  • Social media content + copy

One or all of these will bring more eyes to you and your brand. And who doesn’t want that?

With enough research, I can write on just about any topic, though I do specialize in subjects pertaining to veganism, animal rights, and ethical + sustainable practices, thus providing work that is vegan + cruelty-free. I know what your audience is looking for because I’m looking for it too! As a result, I can create content and copy that is sure to resonate.

Though based in the greater Pittsburgh region, I work with people and brands from around the globe and am no stranger to working with remote teams!

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