The Amazon, Animal Agriculture, and Vegan Creatives: Is There an Ethical Obligation to Speak Out?

As indigenous lands go up in flames, there is one major cause: cattle ranching. While the larger issue at hand is the capitalist society in which we live, the disaster in the Amazon is directly related to animal agriculture.

‘Man Up’: Mental Health, Masculinity, and Music

Growing up, were you ever told (or heard someone say) that boys don’t cry?

Unfortunately, many people hold such a problematic view, believing that emotions are for girls and women, not boys and men. However, this is an incredibly harmful view, as it negatively impacts all genders. For women, it creates the stereotype that girls are irrational or too emotional.

Black-owned vegan ice-cream company wins free rent in Baltimore

Cajou Creamery, a Black-owned vegan ice-cream brand, recently won a competition that has earned them free rent for a year in Baltimore, MD. This victory will allow the plant-based ice cream makers to open their first brick-and-mortar location, giving them the opportunity to serve more vegan goodness to their community.

Celebrities pledge to go turkey-free this Thanksgiving

With American Thanksgiving fast-approaching, a lot of people are thinking about turkey. While non-vegans are thinking about all the turkey they’re going to consume on November 26, vegans are more likely to worry about the animal cruelty behind the holiday.

Volvo Is Going Leather-Free

Swedish car company Volvo is making a statement in the car industry. They have recently announced that not only will they only sell electric vehicles by 2030 but that those cars will be created with leather-free interiors. Volvo’s current leather interior is sourced from raw hides from the beef industry.

The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pets

If you want your pets to be happy and healthy, spaying and neutering them puts you on the right track! Currently, there is an abundance of animals in the world but not enough loving homes for them.

Donald Trump’s Endangerment of the Endangered Species Act

While the Trump Administration has received plenty of criticism due to its policies regarding human beings, Donald Trump has recently named another target: endangered species.

The Men’s Devolution

WWE’s first women-only pay-per-view Evolution was a win for women wrestlers…but the event largely exposed the toxicity of male wrestling fans.

Kneepads and Timelines

Love can begin with a tweet. A silly, inconsequential, wrestling-related tweet.

Lessons Learned from Teaching Psychology of Women to Incarcerated Women

In this article, we discuss our experiences from the perspectives of the social psychologist who taught the course, the sociologist who created the partnership, and the undergraduate teaching assistant.

A Beautiful Blend: Afro-Caribbean Influence on Music in the UK

The UK is an eclectic area, filled with diverse people, styles, music, and everything in between. As a result, different cultures begin to seamlessly incorporate themselves into location as a whole.

Why Is Afro R&B Being Left Out of the Conversation?

Everyone knows about R&B, but how familiar are we with Afro R&B? Despite its rising popularity, it seems this sub-genre is rarely seen in conversations about R&B, and we think it’s time to change that, with some help of the artists of the Afro R&B scene.

Pittsburgh sex workers charged with possessing condoms, viewed as ‘instruments of crime’

Intended to prevent human trafficking, sex workers are the targets, as undercover officers ask them for condoms, only to charge them with possession if they present them.

Women’s group calls on Spotify to ban more artists

Recently, Spotify introduced a new “hate content and hateful conduct” policy, indicating it will not tolerate hateful music or behavior from the artists on the platform. This has since lead a women’s group, among others, to call for music streaming service to ban a variety of artists.