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Vegan Book Club

An online community for plant-based bookworms.

Since 2019, Vegan Book Club has held monthly book discussions on vegan- and animal-friendly literature, providing a space for vegan readers to come together and for vegan authors to share their work.

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Piece of Heaven Project

A sanctuary for everyone.

Piece of Heaven Project is an animal sanctuary in Canada, whose mission is to be a sanctuary for both humans and non-humans.

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Attentive Teaching

A non-profit promoting mindfulness and SEL.

Attentive Teaching is an education non-profit that helps teachers create peaceful classrooms by recognizing and addressing trauma through mindfulness and self-regulating techniques.

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A Mindful Talk

A podcast dedicated to mental health awareness.

A Mindful Talk, a podcast, features conversations with leaders and mental health experts as a way to promote mental health and wellness.

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