List of Works

The following are samples of pieces I have written outside my blog.


The Amazon, Animal Agriculture, and Vegan Creatives: Is There an Ethical Obligation to Speak Out?,” IndustryMe

The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pets,” National Humane Society

Donald Trump’s Endangerment of the Endangered Species Act,” National Humane Society

“The Men’s Devolution,” Girl Wrestling Fan Will You Marry Me, Volume 4

“Kneepads and Timelines: An Unlikely Love Story,” Girl Wrestling Fan Will You Marry Me, Volume 2

“Lessons Learned from Teaching Psychology of Women to Incarcerated Women,” Psychology of Women Quarterly

  • Co-written with professors

A Beautiful Blend: Afro-Caribbean Influence on Music in the UK,” IndustryMe

Why is Afro R&B Being Left Out of the Conversation?“, RNBRIT

Pittsburgh sex workers charged with possessing condoms, viewed as ‘instruments of crime’,” Blasting News

Women’s group calls on Spotify to ban more artists,” Blasting News

How to Steam Kale,” wikiHow

  • One of several pieces assigned during editorial fellow trial

All pieces on The Right Hairstyles

Non-published academic works

“No Generous Mind Delights to Oppress the Weak”: Anne Brontë as a 19th-Century Progressive”

“‘She Dreams of Liberty ‘tis True’: Two Brontë Heroines’ Quests for Freedom”

“The Predator and His Prey: Crimsworth’s Creepiness in The Professor

Northanger Abbey: A Study in Regency Era Sexism”

“Doctors, Comedians, Housewives, and Cancer Patients: A Look inside The Clean House

“Sympathy for the Devil (Or Not): Shifting Compassion in Shakespeare Adaptations”

“American Influence on the Struggling Feminist Movement of Meiji Japan”

“Sex Between Almost Siblings: Aphra Behn’s Love-Letters

“The Hotel New Hampshire: A Climate of Sex and Violence”

“When Being Yourself is Not Enough: The Issue of Identity in Middlesex

“Why Are Women Underrepresented in Leadership Positions?”

“The Different Lenses of Disease in Mapping Fate

“Sex Workers, Mathematicians, and the Elite: Laborers in Mrs. Warren’s Profession


“Refuge,” Westminster College’s Tiny House Play Festival (2018).


“Demonstrating an Ethical Commitment:  Teaching and Learning at Cambridge Springs Prison for Women,” Faires Faculty Forum (2018).

Presented with other students and professors

Agnes Grey and Anne Brontë’s Fight For Animal Rights.” Paper presented at Sigma Tau Delta’s International English Convention, Cincinnati, OH (2018).

Agnes Grey and Anne Brontë’s Fight For Animal Rights,” Westminster College Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration (2018).

“‘No Generous Mind Delights to Oppress the Weak’: Anne Brontë as a 19th-Century Progressive,” Bleasby Colloquium (2018).

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