10 Gift Ideas for the Vegan in Your Life this Christmas

Do you have  vegan in your life but aren’t sure what to get them for Christmas? You’re in luck because vegans are like every other human being…they just don’t use animal products! Sure, there are some things you want to look out for when purchasing a present for a vegan, but don’t get stressed!

There are plenty of vegan-friendly gifts you can get (or make yourself!), and your friend or family member will definitely appreciate that you took the time to buy or make such a thoughtful gift, no matter what you choose!

Here’s what to avoid:

Before you start looking for presents, you should consider what you can’t (well, shouldn’t) get for your vegan friend or relative. Here’s some big ones:

  • Food that contains dairy, eggs, meat, and honey. That means no milk chocolate or traditional fruitcake. Check the ingredient list – honey is likely to be unnecessarily snuck in there. 
  • Clothing made from leather, wool, fur. Read labels – they should tell you where that trim came from. 
  • Products that are the result of animal testing. This goes for beauty and skincare products mostly. Always look for the Leaping Bunny certification!

A Homemade (or Store-Bought!) Vegan-Friendly Main Dish

Show the vegan(s) in your life you care by preparing a vegan dish for them to eat at your holiday dinner! More often than not, our family members are not completely vegan. This makes Christmas dinner a bit awkward if we’re not the ones hosting. We have to bring our own food, which isn’t always fun if you’re a guest! You can easily brighten up your vegan family member’s holiday by ensuring they have a main dish or dessert to enjoy. This can mean making something from scratch or just heading to the grocery store and picking up Tofurky’s holiday roast. We’ll appreciate either option!

Here are some recipe suggestions:

Vegan Specialty Items

JUST Egg could make a great gift for that vegan who can’t replicate their favorite pre-vegan breakfast.

You know how everyone thinks being vegan is expensive? It’s usually only if you’re getting store-bought vegan alternatives. If your vegan friend or family member really likes Violife cheese or is dying to try the JUST Egg, spoil them by picking some up for them! It might seem funny buying grocery items as a present, but honestly? Being an adult can be hard and expensive, so I wouldn’t mind if I opened up some vegan cheese on Christmas morning. 

Here are some suggestions:

Vegan Chocolate

What’s the gift you get someone when you don’t know what else to give them? A box of chocolates, of course! Since most chocolates contain dairy, vegans are often relegated to a bar of dark chocolate, and that just isn’t fun. Buy your favorite vegan some chocolatey goodness. Put them in a sugar coma. They won’t mind.

Here are some suggestions:

Apparel that Screams “Vegan”

Okay, yes, vegans do on some level love telling people they’re vegan. But it’s not for selfish reasons! It’s because we love having meaningful discussions about veganism and want other people to know how great being vegan is. A shirt, hat, hoodie, or necklace can all be great conversation starters. 

Here are some suggestions:

Cruelty-Free Makeup

Aether Beauty’s Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette for your beauty-loving friend.

Veganism is about more than just food! Vegans also have to be mindful of where their beauty products come from…and sometimes, cruelty-free makeup brands (besides, for example, e.l.f.) can get a bit pricey. Just browse through Sephora and you’ll understand. So why not treat the makeup-loving vegan in your life with some new lipstick or eyeshadow palette? 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Aether Beauty: it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly – a triple threat
  • INIKA Organic: natural and cruelty-free makeup and brushes

A Vegan Handbag

Did you realize that so many bags are made from animal products? Leather especially is hard to avoid, but vegans do our best to stay away from them. Unfortunately, some bags made from vegan leather are luxury items. If your friend is fashion-forward, give them the gift of a new bag!

Here are some suggestions:

Take Them to an All-Vegan Restaurant

The greatest gift you can give a vegan is to show interest in veganism. You can easily do this by taking your vegan friend out to dinner at a completely vegan restaurant! If you live in or around a large city, there’s likely at least one 100% vegan place (maybe even a few!). There might even be one right in your small town.

You can find vegan places in your area by using HappyCow!

Visit an Animal Sanctuary with Them

Animal sanctuaries are truly a gift, and chances are your vegan friend or family member is an animal-lover. So why not give them the gift of hanging out with some wonderful farm animals? Better yet, you can go with them. Maybe you’ll start to understand why your friend went vegan in the first place.

Read this article from PETA to make sure the animal sanctuary is the real deal.

Leather-less Shoes

You know what’s difficult to find? Nice, high quality vegan shoes. That’s largely because so many shoes are made from leather! It’s a tragedy, but there are vegan alternatives. Spoil your vegan friend or family member with a new pair of shoes for work, winter, or play. 

Here are some suggestions:

A Vegan Coat for Winter

KORT Faux Wool Coat from NOIZE.

It’s Christmastime, which means it’s likely cold where you are! (That is, of course, unless you live in the desert or some other area that’s warm at this time of year. Since vegans avoid using any products made from animals, they don’t use coats with wool or fur, which can be hard to get away from when shopping for winter coats! For some reason, fur trim is seen as a sign of luxury and riches, so there’s an ample amount of fur coats this time of year. If your vegan friend or family member is a fashion lover, try and find a vegan alternative for them that will keep them warm this winter!

Here are some suggestions:

Vegans! What gifts do you appreciate the most? Have you ever gotten a non-vegan gift and just had to smile and say thanks anyway?

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