LI Vegan Adventures: JUS by Julie

JUS by Julie is known for its cleanses full of blended smoothies and juices.

If you work or go to school in Cedarhurst, NY, located on Nassau County’s South Shore, chances are you’ve been to JUS by Julie

Physical locations of JUS by Julie are rare: there’s a couple in NYC, one in New Jersey, and this location on Long Island. Less known for their storefronts, JUS is a popular cleanse. Its blended juices and soups are highly rated among people looking to reset their diets, as they provide nutritious and tasty ways to consume your fruits and veggies.

The best part? Every smoothie, soup, and snack sold in their online shop is 100% vegan. 

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Cedarhurst’s JUS by Julie location. Some dishes do contain fish and eggs, but luckily, the majority of grab-and-go items are completely plant-based! Vegans, we’re in luck!

The Location + Atmosphere

The delicious veggie burger wrap, featuring Japanese sweet potatoes

Depending on the time of day and year, this location is either nearly empty or completely packed. During the summer, you’ll find less people. Once school is back in session, it’s a different story. The Cedarhurst store is just down the street from a local high school, so students and teachers alike frequent this spot during their lunch breaks. This means it can get really tight and really busy. During those times, if you’re in a hurry, you might want to go somewhere else, as it can be difficult to grab your meal.

However, you can’t beat the location. It’s right on Central Avenue, so you can’t miss it. Pick up a smoothie on your way back from shoe shopping, or eat a kale and tofu salad to fuel your trip to the local independent bookstore, Blue Door Books.

Seating inside is relatively limited, which, of course, becomes even worse when the students gather during their breaks. You can opt for a small table towards the back or, if you prefer a view, you can sit up front and watch passersbys. You also have the option to get your food to go (or have it delivered to you) if you’re short on time.

The Prices + Value

This one is tricky. I’ve tried several of their smoothies, mostly of the peanut butter and berry varieties. Some are definitely worth it, especially in their previous sizes. Unfortunately, they changed their bottles and they now contain less…but it doesn’t seem like the price has changed at all (though I could be wrong, as I have been purchasing the $8 drink less frequently).

Acai bowl with plenty of fruit and lots of almond butter.

The smoothies and juices aren’t as filling as they once were, so personally, I am unable to use them as a meal replacement…which leads me to purchase an additional snack…which hurts my wallet while lining the company’s. While some of the smoothies are delicious – PB Power is a favorite – I don’t find the price to be worth it anymore, despite the health benefits.

On the other hand, the salads, soups, wraps, and even overnight oats and acai bowls are very satisfying. They’re hearty with sweet potatoes, tofu or tempeh, kale or lettuce, and a variety of other ingredients, so they usually leave me pretty full. They generally taste really good too, so those purchases (along with other items such as chocolate bark, date bits, and cookies) are well worth the cost.

The Food

JUS by Julie can be hit and miss for me. Some smoothies are delicious, others are not. PB Power and Choconana are standouts, but beware: they might not be as smooth as a traditional store-bought smoothie. One thing that sets their “jus” apart is that they are always blended and never cold-pressed. According to their website, “Our special blending process makes sure you’re getting 100% of the fruits and vegetables that go into the JÙSes. That means you’re consuming lots of powerhouse antioxidants, live enzymes and fiber, which play a major role in absorbing and flushing your system as well as providing it with fuel to run at its best.”

What better way to get through the workday than with a cookie?

Don’t want a smoothie? No problem.If you’re a fan of kale, you’ll probably enjoy their salads, which also include tofu or tempeh as their protein. JUS usually has a veggie burger wrap that comes with Japanese sweet potatoes that is as filling as it is delicious, in addition to red lentil soup. Personally, these are my go-tos for a quick lunch.

The dessert options carried at JUS by Julie really stand out. You can purchase PB&J date bites, healthy pretzel-and-chocolate bark, and guilt-free cookies (I’ll take a bunch of snickerdoodle, please and thank you). 

The Verdict

Overall, JUS by Julie is a great option for the health-conscious, plant-based vegan. Even better if you adhere to a kosher diet. Their food is definitely healthy – you can’t say otherwise – though the flavors and environment can disappoint.

The staff is friendly, despite the overwhelming amount of customers there sometimes is, which is always a plus! I won’t say their smoothies are any better than, say, Tropical Smoothie Cafe or even homemade, but if you’re in the area and in a pinch, they’ll do the trick and you don’t have to worry about hidden dairy ingredients.

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