5 Simple Ways to be More Eco-Friendly

You know when people implore you to take care of the environment because there is no planet B? They’re not kidding! We really only have one planet, so why not take care of it while we’re here?

In honor of Earth Day, here are some simple ways to be more eco-friendly.

Get a reusable water bottle!

This seems to be one of the most obvious tips, but honestly, there are far too many people who regularly use plastic water bottles. The amount of plastic bottles scattered around is ridiculous – on trains, on benches, on shelves at the store, in the grass. It’s too much! You’re doing yourself and the world around you a huge disservice. Reusable water bottles are everywhere – stop at your local Dollar Tree and get one for a dollar if you don’t want to shell out any more. There are also more than enough options available at Walmart, Target, Amazon, CVS…really everywhere. So really, what are you waiting for?

Pack your lunch.

Always eating out for lunch results in more waste and less money. Whether you work or go to school, help your bank account and the environment by making your meals ahead of time. By cooking at home, fewer resources are being used up than by the alternative of eating out or getting pre-packaged food. It also results in less waste! Pack your lunch in a reusable container and avoid all the plastic packaging that will just end up in the garbage can…or somewhere worse, like the ocean.

Invest in reusable alternatives to plastic, paper, foil, etc.

And when you have plastic, find ways to repurpose if possible! As more and more people try to be more environmentally-friendly – whether it’s through recycling, living a zero waste lifestyle, etc. – more stores and brands are introducing more sustainable alternatives. Purchase some cloth shopping bags from your local grocery store, pick up some cloth napkins, invest in some bamboo eating utensils for your packed lunches, order a silicone baking mat…the possibilities are endless! Instead of creating waste purchasing more every time you run out, the alternatives just need to be washed and they’re ready to use again and again!

Don’t participate in fast fashion.

How difficult is it for you to resist new fashion trends? It’s easy to get swept up in all the latest trends when we’re glued to our phones and see celebrities and influencers rocking some great looks. Unfortunately, this fast fashion isn’t sustainable! As soon as one trend hits the scene, another new one comes along, and the cycle keeps repeating. People are purchasing clothing at faster rates than ever, so brands can get away with providing poor working conditions in developing countries, in addition to creating more waste and pollution. Instead of gobbling up fast fashion, try selecting a wardrobe of classics that are always in style. And buy secondhand when you can! You never know what you can find at a thrift store, and you can’t beat the prices!

Ditch the animal products.

Did you know that one hamburger consumes as much water as two months of showers? Did you realize that, according to the University of Oxford, the “single biggest way” to reduce your impact on the planet is through veganism? I’m vegan, so obviously I wish everyone else was too. Of course, I know not everyone can or wants to make the switch, but participating in Meatless Monday once a week can do so much good for the environment, your health, and, of course, the animals.

It goes without saying, but every little bit helps. What do you do to protect the earth?

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