5 Ideas for a Very Vegan Valentine’s Day

As soon as February hits, we all know what to expect. Flowers. Red hearts. Balloons. Dinners by candlelight. Large teddy bears. Generic gift baskets filled with lotions, perfumes, candy. They’re all simple and, sometimes, classic ways to commemorate February 14, but, depending on your Valentine, you might want to try something a bit different. 

Do you have a special vegan in your life that you’re looking to woo this Valentine’s Day? Not sure where to start? With the holiday rapidly approaching, you might be (tofu) scrambling to come up with some ways to knock your partner off feet. Well, don’t fret! Here are some fun ways you can celebrate with your vegan Valentine this year.

Head to a Cat Cafe

Is there a more fun outing than sipping on coffee while petting cute kitties? Probably not! Cat cafes are about what you would expect: themed coffee shops where the main attraction are the cats scurrying around (or sleeping). Even better, in the US, most of the cats are up for adoption!

You might not be in the market for a new furry feline, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting a cat cafe! It’s a quirky date idea perfect for animal lovers, and the proceeds generally go towards taking care of the kitties until they’re adopted. So you’re helping animals and having a fun time!

If you and your Valentine are dog people, find out if there are any dog cafes near you! It’s the same premise as a cat cafe but with cute, cuddly adoptable puppies!

Woo Them with Vegan Chocolate

Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Non-dairy milk chocolate bars. Decadent chocolate cake. Classic chocolate chip cookies…Is your mouth watering? Chances are your partner’s will be too! Chocolate is as close to a full-proof Valentine’s Day gift as you can get.

If you and your partner don’t care for frills, you can’t go wrong with Oreos! Head to your local Walmart and pick up one of their new Oreo bouquets. It might not be the healthiest option (sorry, New Year’s resolutions), but it’s Valentine’s Day! It’s okay to indulge a bit.

Take Them to an Animal Sanctuary

What’s your sweetheart’s reason for being vegan? If she’s vegan for the animals, consider taking her to an animal sanctuary. Animal sanctuaries are great places for animal lovers to visit because they’re one place where the animals come first. Unlike animal shelters, an animal sanctuary isn’t trying to place it’s four-legged residents in new homes. Instead, the sanctuary is their home.

Visitors can see farm animals, like sheep, pigs, and cows, that are being protected for the rest of their natural lives. An animal sanctuary gives the vegan activist in your life a glimpse of just who they’re fighting for, up close and personal.

Cook a Romantic Dinner for Two

Honestly, is there anything more romantic than the effort that goes into a homemade meal? You could try your hand at vegan chicken alfredo or experiment with an eggplant parmesan. Or keep it simple with a classic spaghetti and beanballs smothered in marinara sauce.

You don’t have to create everything from scratch – jarred sauce is fine! Your dish doesn’t even have to be perfect. We all know it’s the thought that counts! Your partner will appreciate it no matter what. And if all else fails, there’s always takeout!

Take Them to Their Favorite Vegan Restaurant

Maybe you don’t know your way around a kitchen – it’s okay! Your partner will be just as happy to be wined and dined at their favorite vegan spot. For some of us, it isn’t always easy to make the trek to a vegan restaurant due to work or our location, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a special date night!

Alternatively, you could also venture out to a new spot that neither of you have tried before and experience it together. You just might find your new favorite!

Not sure if there’s any vegan spots in your area? Check out HappyCow. It’s a website and app that serves as a dining guide for vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants and stores. Just put in your location, and you’ll be presented with information on veg places closest to you. Some users even leave helpful reviews and photos, so you know if a place is worth it or not.


There are plenty of particularly vegan ways to spend Valentine’s Day! Even just sitting in bed, watching a romcom, and sharing a vegan pizza can be romantic. How do you plan on treating your sweetheart on February 14?

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  1. Great tips for vegan options, original and appreciated!


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